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What exactly is remapping and how does it work?

Basically, remapping electronically alters the manufacturers default software on the smart car ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU has effectively been de-tuned to take into account different climates and qualities of fuel, local laws etc., in many countries all over the world where
the cars are to be sold.

Magna Carta remaps replace the default software on the smart's ECU, overwriting it with software that has been optimised to enhance the smart car's overall performance.
Other brands of remaps are produced based on Continental driving conditions.
Our remaps are devised with tuning specifically for the UK and have been developed and designed with the UK roads and fuel in mind.

Magna Carta remaps will give your smart an increase in both power (bhp) and torque across the whole rev range.  If you take advantage of your smart’s increase in power and torque
a Magna Carta remap could also increase your fuel economy, as you may find you no longer need to drop down a gear to maintain speed on an incline or change gears as often in traffic.

After having a Magna Carta remap on your smart you will notice your engine will respond better when pressing the accelerator, power delivery will be smoother and the overall power and torque will have increased noticeably. This will make your smart a lot more fun to drive and put an even bigger smile on your face.

A remap is probably the most cost effective way to enhance
your smart's performance!

The ECU in a 450 (fortwo) and 452 (roadster) can be remapped whilst it remains in the car, utilising the OBD port. Therefore, these models can be remapped using either our mobile* service at your home, workplace, smart meet, pre-arranged destination or in our workshop. Customers also have the choice of removing the ECU themselves and using our return postal service*.
The ECU in a 454 (forfour) and 451 (new fortwo) require specialist attention and have to be removed from the vehicle. These models therefore have to be remapped in our workshop or customers can remove the ECU and use our return postal service*.

All in all, your smart will be better to drive and more fun too.
So why not book your Magna Carta remap today - Call 01754 890008

Magna Carta remaps are available for the following models of smart cars:
450, 451, 454 and 452 - that is all models of smarts,
the fortwos (from the start of manufacture until 2013), forfours and roadsters

All Magna Carta remaps come with a Certificate of Authenticity and include a free diagnostic check and clutch adjustment AS STANDARD (saving £100 if bought separately)

ITG performance filters are recommended with all our remaps and as a special offer will be discounted to £40 and fitted FREE with any Magna Carta remap

### Magna Carta Remap Money Back Guarantee! ###
We are so sure that you will be pleased as punch with your remapped vehicle, that we offer all of our customers a 7 day money back guarantee. If any of our customers are not happy in any way with the changes to the driving feel of their car, we will gladly remove the new remap and restore the ECU to it’s factory settings without charge. The customer’s car or ECU would have to be returned to our workshop within 7 days of purchase at the customer’s expense in order to qualify.

*Please ring for a quotation on either our mobile or return postal service

**PureSmart reserve the right to refuse to install a remap on any car that is not mechanically sound